Born in the woods, enlightened in the woods, In the woods he passed away.

The Buddha to his followers said,

Be sure to practice in the forest wild.”

                           - Vitaka Vinaya

Deep Sangha (Community)  Each participant has an important role in supporting the function, comfort and safety of the retreat Sangha. Daily jobs are an expression of caring through work, everyone taking care of and being taken care of. This creates a field of safety, connection and love.

Intimate Groups  The small group size of these retreats, with a max of 27 participants, creates connected groups, and time for personal contact and individualized practice guidance with the teachers. It also allows space for direct experiences of being in nature, which would be diluted by a larger group. 

Ecodharma  We face challenges to our climate, our environment, our planet, and our long term survival. Our retreats foster a deeper connection with inner and outer nature, which leads naturally to a motivation for appropriate responses. We work together to learn and practice how wise and compassionate actions can become an integral part of our spiritual path.

All Experience Levels Welcome  While some participants have a great deal of meditation experience, for others this may be their first meditation retreat, and beginners are welcome. Either way full support and instructions are given. For any specific requirements see individual retreat information.

Practicing Outdoors  A natural setting gives us powerful support for deep practice. Meditating together at sunrise and sunset, hiking during the day, and Dharma talks/discussions around the campfire at night, are all highlights of these meditation retreats. Complete instructions and guidance are given on meditating in nature sitting, walking, hiking, and how to take the natural world in and merge into oneness.

Low Cost  Most meditation retreats cost around $150 per day, plus teacher Dana (donations). Impermanent Sangha retreats cost much less, and we make them as affordable as possible. Our intention is that cost not be an impediment to meditation retreat practice, and scholarships are available as needed (see information on each retreat for details).

Why do a Meditation Retreat

in Nature?

Enjoyment  The more you enjoy meditation practice the more of it you'll do. Being outdoors in nature, in a beautiful place, relaxed and open, silent and deep, with a close knit group, can be as good as it gets.

Integrative Practice  These retreats include plenty of formal sitting meditation practice, but there is also a strong emphasis on bringing continuous mindfulness to each moment of activity, making them excellent training in how to become more mindful in our everyday lives.

Impermanent Sangha Retreats

Great Venue  While Rocky Mountain Ecodharma Retreat Center is just over half an hour from Boulder and an hour and a half from Denver International Airport, its mountain location provides the perfect setting for a nature retreat, and the Indian Peaks Wilderness is right next door. The center has indoor lodging and camping options, miles of trails through forest, ridges, meadows, and a river, and wonderful views.