Impermanent Sangha has offered low cost wilderness and nature meditation retreats since 2002. These outdoor retreats are a combination of formal Insight/Mindfulness meditation practice, deep Sangha (community), and being in beautiful and wild places where the Dharma comes alive.

Impermanent Sangha nature meditation retreats are affordable (with scholarships available), and are oriented to appreciating the beauties and mysteries of outer and inner nature deeply and mindfully. There is preparation time at the beginning of each retreat focusing on meditating in nature, low impact camping, physical safety, and group cohesion and bonding, and then we go into noble silence.

Some physical activity is inherent to outdoor meditation retreats, but there is no intention to push or challenge physically, and reasonable health is all that's required. Past participants on our meditation retreats have ranged in age from 18 to 80, and we welcome diversity of all types.

Our 2015 nature retreat offerings include a base camp retreat in the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness of Colorado, Eco Dharma flat water canoeing on the Green River through Canyonlands in Utah, camping in Rocky Mountain National Park, and camping in Catalina State Park, in Tucson. These retreats are offered with all of our love and wisdom, and we hope they bring you as much joy and insight as they do us.

Impermanent Sangha Retreats

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"If you love wild nature, and spiritual teachings and guidance shared with purity, integrity, and skill; the ideal way to get them is a retreat with Impermanent Sangha." 

                            - Eric Kolvig

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The Buddha practiced in nature, awakened in nature, and taught in nature. Why not give it a try?